One of a community’s board and management’s most important responsibilities is to effectively and routinely communicate with its unit owners and residents and a monthly newsletter is just the communication tool to get this job done. A community without a newsletter is a community “adrift”.

Newsletters bring residents together, reminding them that they share a common bond by keeping them informed of all the property’s issues and events including renovations and maintenance, rule reminders, financial decisions, policy changes, and etc. It can help to dispel confusion by squashing rumors and create an enhanced feeling of community, potentially heading off misunderstandings, complaints and antipathy. Residents who receive a monthly newsletter look forward to each issue and are anxious to receive their copy.

Despite the many benefits of having a community newsletter, management and board members have found that producing an in-house newsletter can present a real challenge. Publishing a newsletter involves coming up with ideas for the articles, writing the articles, finding applicable graphics to go with the articles, laying out the newsletter, printing the newsletter and distributing the publication. Each one of these tasks can seem daunting, especially to a person who is more likely than not, a novice at such things and still must perform his/her other duties as a board member, property manager or etc.

Because of these challenges, many communities have either chosen to submit a less frequent publication (quarterly/yearly), outsource the newsletter creation – at a premium cost, settle for a less aesthetically pleasing publication (typing/and printed in letter form) or having to forego a newsletter altogether. Well now Coastal Group Publications is offering a solution.

We will professionally layout, proof, and print your newsletters for you. Of course you will need to still write the stories and deliver it to each resident, but we’ve got the rest covered. The rest being the more technical and time intensive duties that most people simply do not have the knowledge or time to do themselves. Oh and we will do this all for FREE.