During current COVID restrictions, properties are distributing newsletters via their resident email distribution lists as well as placing hard copies in common areas for any resident that needs or prefers a hard copy. Because we are not printing 100% we are offering deep discounts. Contact us to find out more!

Why Advertise in CGP Newsletters?

Our concept is simple. Coastal Group Publications, Inc. (CGP) establishes an agreement with condominiums or homeowner associations to publish their in-house, monthly newsletters at no cost. In turn, the properties agree to allow us to bypass their no solicitation rule and place advertisements within their newsletters.

Property management and/or the board of directors depend on these newsletters to communicate crucial information to their residents. Residents are motivated to read the information in order to keep informed of the happenings within their building. Thus, placing an ad in a CGP newsletter is the perfect venue for increasing visibility and reminding customers of your products and services.

You may currently be advertising via direct mail, which oftentimes is simply disregarded as junk mail. However, when you advertise within CGP newsletters, we guarantee your ad has a much better chance at being seen, by providing minimal advertising clutter and a captive audience, all at a nominal cost.

Call today to reserve your ad space and check property availability!

  • Free Ad Layout.
  • Bypass the No Solicitation Rule with delivery directly to the residents’ doorsteps.
  • Residents anticipate and routinely read their newsletters ensuring a captive audience.
  • Residents are encouraged by their property management to patronize the advertisers who subsidize their newsletters.
  • Volume discounts.
  • Advertising space is limited, maintaining minimal advertising clutter.
  • Cost efficiency at as little as $0.04 per unit per month.   

The success of Coastal Group Publications, Inc. revolves around the success of our newsletters, our advertisers and our employees. Our goal is to ensure that all involved remain satisfied beyond their expectations. Give us a try…and let us exceed your expectations!