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What Sets CGP Community Newsletter Advertising Apart From Other Advertising Mediums?

More often than not, condominiums and homeowners associations have a no solicitation policy. However, in exchange for our newsletter publication services, our properties allow us to place advertisements within their newsletters. This allows CGP to offer businesses an economical and highly effective method of getting into these highly desired properties!


Typically, advertisers will “junk-mail” their way in, place expensive print ads to be amongst thousands of others, attempt telemarketing, or sneak onto these properties in order to slip their flyers under doors. Although, all of these methods may generate some business, this type of advertising is more often than not, thrown away, never seen or never heard. Ever been in a condo's mail room? Ever wonder why there is a large trash can next to the mailboxes? The trash can is there for one reason. To allow residents to sort thru their mail and toss the junk - so the literature never enters thier abode.


However, our concept guarantees a business’s ad will be seen as it will be one of only a few and the newsletter in which the ad appears will be slipped monthly (and legally) under each resident’s door by the property itself.

The ad will be dispersed amongst very important community information, which is both vital and entertaining to the reader. And, we can guarantee the resident will not get angry when they see the newsletter lying on their floor, but rather welcome the familiar monthly publication.


Additionally, residents are encouraged to patronize the advertisers that subsidize their community newsletter.  When an advertiser is in their newsletter, and the resident needs that type of product or service, it is almost guaranteed that the advertiser will be at least in the running for their business.


Finally, the price of advertising in a CGP published newsletter, is much less than the cost of a stamp! Nowhere will a business owner find a more cost-effective means of advertising. for as little as.04 cents a unit and with such an attentive audience, returns should be much higher than usual! 


The success of Coastal Group Publications revolves around the success of our newsletters, our advertisers and our employees. Our goal is to ensure that all involved remain satisfied beyond their expectations.

Give us a try…and let us exceed your expectations!

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Who Is Coastal Group Publications?

Coastal Group Publications, Inc. (CGP) publishes proprietary newsletters for condominiums and homeowner associations throughout South Florida (from Coral Gables to Palm Beach) and sells ad space within each newsletter. CGP has been in business for over 7 years and is in the process of expanding its services throughout Florida.


What Sets CGP Apart From Other Newsletter Service Providers?

CGP does not charge for our newsletter publishing services. That’s right! Even though many communities pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month to have their newsletters professionally published, we charge nothing.


Each month, our properties send us the information they would like to convey to their residents. This may include but is certainly not limited to; reminders of rules & regulations, board meeting minutes, community-sponsored events, newly imposed fine notices, treasurer’s reports, a welcome to new residents, and etc. CGP then lays out this info, adds appropriate graphics, supplies any necessary fill articles, reviews all content for spelling/grammatical errors, and emails a draft to the property for their review. Once the draft is returned and all necessary corrections have been made, CGP prints the newsletter on high-quality, colored 11X17, newsletter stock paper and delivers the appropriate amount of newsletters to the property during the first week of each month. And yes, we do this all for free.


Furthermore, CGP never limits the amount of content a property can send whereas, other newsletter publishing companies place limitations regarding the amount of content a community can submit and will charge extra if they go over a certain amount of characters. CGP has been known to add a last minute “important notice”, even if it means re-laying out and re-printing the entire newsletter or simply adding an extra page. Again, we charge $00.00.


Additionally, no one would suspect our services are free as we pride ourselves on consistently delivering a high-quality newsletter, focusing on readability, set in an attractive layout, and always accomplished in a friendly and professional manner. Our properties love our product, our service and employees. But above all else, we make certain the property knows that even though they are getting a free, customized newsletter, everything in it is left to their discretion. Their newsletter is not a “CGP Newsletter” it is theirs to do with as they please. If there is an ad they don’t approve of or a generic article we’ve supplied that they’d rather not use, or there’s something on the 4th page they want on the cover - we’ll do it. It is because of all these reasons that current CGP properties are so loyal and countless properties are lining up to enlist our services.

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